[Webinar]: Tackling the Privilege Challenge of Next Generation Technologies

In this highly interconnected, cloud-based world full of “things”, a burglar may learn what high value items you’ve bought, determine when you’re away on vacation, unlock your house, walk in and pick up those belongings, then unlock and start your car to drive away with them—all by compromising the right accounts and acquiring the right privileges.
Tune in to this webinar as Jay Beale shares real stories of hacking the infrastructure-as-code-as-control-of-the-physical-world and why least privilege, and separation of duties and accounts are a must for any next generation technology deployment. Also gain key takeaways that will help you better protect your environment.

Tackling the Privilege Challenge of Next Generation Technologies

As an added bonus! With your webinar registration, get immediate access to BeyondTrust’s 2018 annual research report “IMPLICATIONS OF USING PRIVILEGED ACCESS MANAGEMENT TO ENABLE NEXT GENERATION TECHNOLOGY“. You’ll receive the study findings as well as research-backed data, analysis, and guidance on steps to help you secure and accelerate your adoption of next-generation technologies.

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Tue, Sep 25, 2015 9am (GMT+7)