Security Solutions Consultant

VNCS helps organizations manage IT risk, information security and maximize IT performance. We provide free IT management consultation services for small businesses and start-up businesses. For large enterprises, we provide advanced management information systems and information security consulting services.

Below are few examples of information technology consulting services and solutions offered by us and our partners:

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Penetration Testing

An external accounting audit provides a fresh perspective for your IT system. An audit will also help discover new IT ways you and your company to follow so that you can achieve the most efficient and advantageous business results. Our audit process includes close interaction between your company’s personnel and our audit engagement team in order to address issues early on. We also perform an analysis of your organization and its internal controls for the purpose of designing our audit procedures.

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Information Security Training

Information technology continues to rapidly evolve and as the dependence on internet technology increases, so are the risks to information systems. As a result, organizations have been increasing their budgets on information security training and technologies. However, despite these increased spending, organizations still continue to see an increase in systems being breached and compromised. As technologies evolve, so do the methodologies and techniques perpetrators use to circumvent these existing technologies.

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