Radware 2019-2020 Global Application & Network Security Report

Need for speed is the hardest decision organizations need to make about digital transformation strategies. Faster time to market for revenue-generating applications is a competitive advantage. New paradigms emerge to accelerate productivity, efficiency and cost reduction. Yet these also create blind spots calling for new threats.

Only 6% of organizations claim to go throughout 2019 without a single attack. Ransom attacks are back with 16% increase, while nation state cyberattack grew 42% year over year. Every third of organizations was hit by DDoS attacks, primarily with HTTPS floods and amplification attacks.

88% of reported attacks is against the applications. 81% is against the APIs

75% suffered BOT attacks, such as account takeover, scraping and more.

Environments are changing, coercing new processes.

Only 10% of responders believe their data is more secured in a public cloud.

53% attributes of data breach are to misunderstanding of responsibilities of public cloud providers.

Hacking web applications is the number 1 threat to cloud environments.

Technology is changing. 5G is coming.

87% of telecom companies are planning to roll out 5G before 2022.

But only 58% feel prepared to secure and containers are already here.

68% believe that micro-services are more secured by definition.

56% don’t integrate security and continue to delivery.

About a quarter can’t tell if they were attacked, why or how the cyberattacks impact of their business and how much did it cost them.

How do you protect what you can’t see?

Radware solutions will be a useful tool to help businesses realize this goal. In Vietnam, VNCS is the official distributor of Radware products. Contact us for more detail.