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VNCS Web Monitoring

Web Monitoring

Almost of the cyber attacks against the websites of organizations. Especially, recently, there are many attacks on the websites of government agencies, business organizations of Vietnam. However,  on  the world  and  Vietnam  market have  no  centralized  solution forcus support  monitoring multiple websites (Although there were solutions of HP, IBM… to monitor server, network with a very high cost).

So, Viet Nam Cyberspace Security Technology (VNCS), a member of Hanoi Telecom Corporation developed centralized monitoring website solution (VNCS Web Monitoring), one of the very first kind of security software in Vietnam, which is able to monitor simultaneously multiple websites while preventing attacks and displaying alerts in real time.


VNCS Web Monitoring is one of the security solutions for organizations and enterprises to manage  and protect multiple websites at the same time, such as: IT center of state agencies, Datacenter, Hosting
service providers, financial institutions…
VNCS Web Monitoring focused on monitoring web logs, analyzing automatically to detect attacks and  send  alert  via  SMS  and  email  using innovative  algorithms  and  technologies  such  as  advanced  IPrecognition technology, structural changes identified website … The solution also provides customized tools to assist administrators to manually analyze the attacks.

  • Automatic attack analysis and real-time alert through Email, SMS- Centralized log monitoring many website at the same time with user-friendly interface
  • Support manual analysis tools  for administrators handle incidents
  • Website monitor (up/down) and statistics attack,access by country, by attack type….
  • Detect deface and ddos attacks
  • Report for high level and status of the system
  • Appropriate cost

About VNCS Web Monitoring solution

VNCS Web Monitoring Demo