Checkmarx is the developer of next generation application security solutions which identify security vulnerabilities within an application’s source code. Our solutions allow organizations to smoothly introduce security into their Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), systematically eliminating software risk while educating developers on secure coding practices. The product enables developers and auditors to easily scan an application’s source code in real time in all major coding languages for the most prevalent security vulnerabilities as determined by OWASP Top 10, SANS, and other major standards.

Checkmarx solutions’ key advantages include:

  • Reducing the time spent by the development team on security vulnerability fixing by up to 75% in comparison with first generation static code analysis solutions.
  • Easy to use – less than one hour installation and immediate ability to scan
  • Unique patented Virtual Compiler technology enables scanning un-compiled and un-built source code which allows detecting vulnerabilities from the earliest stages of the software development cycle
  • Full integration with the SDLC that enables security scans during any stage of development
  • Available in both “On Premise” and “On Demand” configurations

Checkmarx customers include hundreds of Fortune 500, government and SMB organizations in over 30 countries.

VNCS is distributor for Checkmarx in Vietnam.

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