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Encase Forensic



Case backlogs are mounting. To stay ahead of your casework, you need a forensic tool designed for you. For your needs. Working with the forensic community Guidance Software developed EnCase Forensic to give you exactly that.

One Product. One Mission: Get you to case closed.
Unlike other forensic solutions that rely on what the operating system thinks in on the hard drive or only provides partial visibility into your digital evidence, EnCase Forensic enables anyone to:

  • Acquire data from a wide variety of devices
  • Complete a comprehensive disk-level investigation
  • Produce extensive reports on your findings while maintaining the integrity of your evidence

No other solution offers the same level of functionality, flexibility, and has the track record of court-acceptance as EnCase Forensic.

In the Field and in the Lab

EnCase Forensic gives you the ability to quickly view and search potential evidence to determine whether further investigation is warranted. You can also use EnCase Portable, to quickly review potential evidence when on the scene without altering or damaging the suspect’s data.

Secure Your Evidence. Protect Your Case.

EnCase Forensic helps you acquire more evidence than any product on the market. You can collect from a wide variety of operating and file systems, including mobile devices with EnCase Forensic. This is the flexibility needed to ensure you can complete your cases no matter where the potential evidence resides.

Unlock Encrypted Evidence

EnCase Forensic is unmatched in its decryption capabilities, offering the broadest support of any forensic solution. Encryption support includes products such as Dell Data Protection, Symantec, McAfee, and many more. You can further expand the decryption power of EnCase Forensic with Tableau Password Recovery — a purpose-built, cost-effective hardware solution to identify and unlock password-protected files.

Automate the Routine, Focus on the Investigation

The EnCase Forensic evidence processor provides industry-leading processing capabilities that can automate the preparation of evidence, making it easier to complete the investigation. Powered by an indexing engine built for scale and performance, you can automate complex queries across your varied evidence sources in one step saving time and increasing your efficiency.

Bring Your Expertise to the Forefront

The most important part of any investigation is your ability to analyze your evidence. EnCase Forensic is built with the investigator in mind, providing a wide range of capabilities that enables you to perform deep forensic analysis as well as fast triage analysis from the same solution. Built to help you do what you do best: find evidence and close cases.

Tailor Your Reports for Your Audience

EnCase Forensic provides a flexible reporting framework that empowers you to tailor case reports to meet your specific needs. With advanced and triage reporting options built in, you can create reports for a wide range of audiences, and easily shared them across your organization.