Splunk Insights for Infrastructure

Do you wish you could spot infrastructure performance trends before they turn into problems that affect you and your customers? Are you overwhelmed with keeping too much infrastructure running? Would you like to monitor both metrics and logs with one easy to administer monitoring tool? Try the NEW Splunk Insights for Infrastructure today to see […]

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Network security for small and medium size businesses

One of the most commonly reported threats of small and medium-size enterprises is cyber – attacks owing to the fact that smaller businesses offer less protection than regular corporations so their operating systems are inefficient in resisting to illegal penetration. As a consequence, they have become the new targets for theft of digital information. To […]

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How to prevent network attacks exploit privileged access accounts

According to a SWIFT study, over 40% of organisations in Asia Pacific reported suffering a cyberattack in 2017. Most of the attacks that plagued this region in recent years leveraged stolen or misused privileged credentials to move laterally across the network undetected, and steal sensitive data from financial institutions, healthcare providers, government organisations and many […]

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